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Workshops 2014


Designing Pollinator Gardens 

Place: That’s A Plenty Farm  36 Honey Pot Road, Hadley, MA (google maps has us at 76 Honeypot Rd.)
Date: Saturday, August 2nd
Time:  9:00 am to 3:30 pm

You will learn about:

  • Plants that attract generalist and specialist pollinators
  • Choosing plants according to soil preference, height and habit, & flowers
  • The importance of site when considering plant choices
  • Design strategies that increase beauty and ecological function
  • Nesting possibilities for wood nesting bees
  • Placing paths and structural elements in the landscape

Walk away with:

  • Design process understanding
  • Research tools to enhance pollinator habitat understanding
  • Understanding the needs of pollinators
  • A network of designer friends
  • Knowledge about how to increase habitat anywhere
  • Confidence to design a pollinator habitat garden

Workshop cost: $150

Introduction to Bee-Friendly Plants

Place: That’s A Plenty Farm 36 Honey Pot Rd. Hadley, MA
Date: Saturday, August 16
Time: 8:30 am – 1:30 pm

This half-day workshop will acquaint you with selecting, planting and identifying bee friendly plants to kick-start your own pollinator habitat. We will focus on the plants growing at the farm’s nursery and meadow paying particular attention to their flowers, growth habit, in combination with other plants. Design concepts will be discussed.

You will learn How-to

  • Seed a mini-meadow
  • Make seed balls using wildflowers
  • Become familiar with some native bees
  • Make a simple pollinator bloom calendar
  • Identify bee-friendly plants by leaf and flower
  • Place potted plants into the farm’s existing meadow

You will walk away with the confidence to start your own mini-meadow, understanding the basics of what pollinators need and the familiarity of which plants attract you. As a bonus, you’ll go home with a few potted seedlings to start your pollinator garden right away.

Workshop Cost $ 75

Pollinators Welcome provides habitat consultations and workshops tailored to meet the needs of an individual or groups. Our specialized staff includes a master landscape designer and a few conservation biologists who are trained in many aspects of pollinator habitat restoration and are happy to talk to you.

For more information contact:

Tom Sullivan

STAFFTom Sullivan, MA, Landscape Design, has 6 years experience in designing for pollinators. Our workshops are happening at the State of MA’s first pollinator habitat nursery that he designed. Tom also gives talks about habitat throughout the region.

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