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Native, hand-collected perennial flower seeds • Pollinator plants for local pickup

We are generally at the farm every day from June through October (no predictable hours) — but we will be there to meet you BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.  Email us to set an appointment:

Seedlings (expected): $4 per two-inch pot

Seedlings were planted outside in trays (Jan 2024). We expect them to be ready for distribution in June 2024:

Agastache foeniculum, anise hyssop
Allium cernuum, nodding onion
Amsonia tabernaemontana, eastern bluestar
Asclepias incarnata, rose milkweed
Asclepias syriaca, common milkweed
Asclepias tuberosa, butterfly milkweed
Echinacea purpurea, purple coneflower
Eupatorium fistulosum, Joe Pye weed
Helenium autumnale, sneezeweed
Heliopsis helianthoides, ox-eye sunflower
Liatris spicata, gayfeather
Liatris ligulistylis, meadow blazing star
Lupinus perennis, sundial lupine
Monarda fistulosa, wild bergamot
Penstemon digitalis, foxglove beardtongue
Rudbeckia hirta, black-eyed Susan
Salvia azurea, blue sage
Verbena stricta, hoary vervain
Vernonia glauca, Broadleaf ironweed
Veronicastrum virginicum
, Culver’s root (endangered)

MATURE PLANTS TO BE ANNOUNCED IN JUNE. Our overwintered mature plants are perennials with developed root systems.

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