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Native, hand-collected perennial flower seeds • Pollinator plants for local pickup

Pollinator Habitat, Phase Two is complete!

Pollinator Habitat NurseryOur grant from the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) requires that the Pollinator Habitat remain undisturbed while native pollinators are active (spring through fall). Also that we have at least 9 different species of plants providing nectar, pollen, and nesting from the earliest possible bloom date through the latest date….

Tom Sullivan, the permaculture-oriented bee-loving landscape designer from the Conway School of Landscape Design who became engaged with our project this year, came up with a plan to create a nursery for the perennial plants we needed. Had we bought mature plants and installed them directly into a new wildflower meadow, we might have faced serious obstacles in establishing the woody plants (such as pernicious weeds in an area that was supposed to remain undisturbed). With a nursery, we could buy 2000 small plugs instead of the 200 mature plants we might have bought for the same budget. We can keep them amended, weeded, and fertilized easily. And the paths are planted in Dutch white clover, which is in itself a bee plant. So we sacrificed no precious ground. Also we now have room to place water dishes, also habitat for nests and larvae.

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